Water IQ: Know your water

The Water IQ program is a statewide public awareness program  that complements existing local and regional conservation efforts while carrying the conservation message to communities that do not have the financial resources for a program of their own.

How did the Water IQ program get started?

The establishment of the Water IQ program was a consensus of the Water Conservation Implementation Task Force to evaluate matters regarding water conservation. The program was established by the Texas Legislature in 2007. 

Additional Water IQ research

In 2004, TWDB contracted for a research project to support the Water Conservation Implementation Task Force recommendation regarding the establishment of a statewide water conservation public awareness campaign. The project included development strategies, research, and branding for a possible statewide water conservation effort and was funded by a voluntary coalition of 36 utilities, municipalities, businesses, and conservation groups. The research stressed the need for making individual Texans aware of the importance of water conservation, including water reuse, to their future as residents of the state. As a result of this research, the brand “Water IQ: Know your water” was identified as a way to bring awareness about water knowledge and conservation.

Highlights from the comprehensive 2004 research study include:

  • 87 percent of Texans are more likely to conserve water after learning more about water conservation and hearing ideas about ways to save water.
  • 98 percent of Texas residents think water conservation is important.
  • Only 28 percent of Texans say they “definitely know” the natural source of their drinking water.

Additional detailed information for the 2004 research is available for download: