TWDB Resources

There are many effective water education programs through the Texas Water Development Board, which include strong water conservation components.

We now have a guide available for utilities that would like to expand or develop a public awareness program for water conservation.

Developing a Water Conservation Public Awareness Program: A Guide for Utilities helps utilities implement goals for an effective program by making use of the mass media. Topics include working with local media, reaching an audience, tracking media coverage, and other resources.

Water IQ brochures and educational materials are available for indoor and outdoor water conservation at home and for agricultural water use. These publications are free in limited quantities, and additional copies may be ordered for a nominal fee.

There are also printable program information sheets for the Water IQ program.

K-12 school materials are available through TWDB Kids. These resources include units developed for specific age groups and range from coloring books for younger children to complete curricula for older students, with teachers’ guides and Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS) guidelines. Interactive Web games and lessons are also featured.