Who Can Join?

Water suppliers, utilities, cities, state agencies, and nonprofit groups are encouraged to participate in the Water IQ program. Communities can provide information about their local and regional water conservation efforts by sharing their website addresses with the TWDB for inclusion in the water supplier and organization ZIP code finder.

By joining the Water IQ program and taking an active role in conservation, utilities and communities help deliver a clear, unified water conservation message to the state and encourage conservation compliance in their regions.

How Can I Become a Water IQ Partner?

By working with the Water IQ: Know Your Water program, you can help spread the message about the importance of water conservation. Organizations that partner with Water IQ are helping to reach the state of Texas each year with water-saving messages and tips. There is no cost to become a partner.

There are a few easy steps to get starting using Water IQ:

  1. Download the request form "Use of Water IQ Service Marks"
  2. Submit form to wateriq@twdb.texas.gov (or mail or fax)
  3. After review and approval, a license agreement will be issued
  4. You can begin using Water IQ: Know Your Water!

Use of Water IQ Service Marks

The Water IQ marks are owned by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and cannot be used unless permission has been granted from the TWDB. Any unauthorized use can be a violation of trademark laws.

We appreciate the opportunity to spread the message about water conservation and we want to make sure the Water IQ marks are used in the right way. To request permission to use the Water IQ marks for a water conservation awareness program or related project or event, please fill out and submit the form below.

If you would like to provide a link to Water IQ on your Web site or have your Web site linked to Water IQ, please contact us with your URL. Keep in mind that if you wish to use the Water IQ marks on your site you must also submit the form below and obtain permission from TWDB.

We look forward to reviewing your request and thank you for your support of water conservation awareness for Texans.